Liquor / Brewery


Brewery Industry

Beer is the oldest and one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Today the beer industry is a global business with many multinational companies and thousands of smaller breweries. There are many varieties of beer and most breweries product range extends into beverage. The Label House Group caters for all types of products in the brewery industry and provides labels for both returnable and non returnable applications in metalized and white wet strength papers.

Why not consider some of the finishing enhancements on the right side of this page when creating your ideal label design?

Liquor/Cordial/Wine Industry

The liquor/wine industry is one that is very versatile in its labeling and applications. Labels for this industry are generally of a high quality and often include many bells and whistles in varying combinations due to the product type and competitive landscape.

In many countries liquor and wine products are labeled differently from the food or beverage sector. Label House Group provides substrates and die cuts that are unique for each client with very detailed graphics and provide such finishing enhancements as foiling, embossing, spot varnishing, antique and photo realistic images just to name a few. We'd be happy to explore more printing options with you in this regard.

Why not consider some of the finishing enhancements on the right side of this page when creating your ideal label design?

At the Label House Group

We offer innovative customized label and sleeving solutions with the extension of a fully staffed design team to help take your brand from the dressing room to the runway.

Already have your own local or international design team, agency or graphic artist?
We gladly work with them to achieve the desired results.

When the creative streak strikes!
Remember we offer variable printing designs all at once with the added convenience of individually numbering or coding your labels for the upcoming promotion.

Need it in the form of a scratch card?
We print those too, with instructions on the back.

Why not incorporate some temporary tattoos into your promotional mix?
We print these in whatever design you require and they are an inexpensive way to create brand awareness.

Trust us to help you claim your stake!


Pressure Sensitive:

Self adhesive labels are ideal for a variety of applications and do not necessarily require a labeler for application onto packaging. Generally in rolls but if required will be supplied in stacks. This type of label allows for easy hand application and can accommodate all of the finishing enhancements except the peel strip which is tamper band specific. For large production demands a self adhesive labeler can be sourced from our machinery department.

• Self Adhesive Metalized Paper
• Self Adhesive White Semi-Gloss Paper
• Self Adhesive Laid Corolla Paper
• Self Adhesive Translucent
• Self Adhesive Clear Film
• Self Adhesive White film
• Self Adhesive Laminated paper
• Self Adhesive Laminated film.
• Specialty Self Adhesive Papers

Cut and Stack:

For high production demands when bottles per minute being labeled are critical, often cut and stack labels (or unglued labels as they are sometimes called) are called into play. This type of label requires a labeler and the use of cold or hot glue melt applications.
For this label option both the labeler and the glue can be sourced from our machinery and packaging divisions. We also provide printed miniature boxes scoured for easy folding in this category.

• Unglued White Wet Strength Paper
• Unglued Metalized Wet Strength Paper
• Unglued White film
• Unglued Translucent or Clear Film
• Unglued Metalized film
• 8 point Board

Shrink Sleeves:

Did you know shrink sleeves and tamper bands can be applied by hand or automatic sleeving machines? Yes, these are suitable for either manual or automatic labeling applications and are customized with full color graphic designs. The finishing process includes cut pieces for hand application and rolls for the automatic in-line processes. Peel strips can be applied to the tamper bands and both bands and sleeves can accommodate vertical or "T" perforation for access to the product.

Label House Group introduced shrink sleeves on the local and regional markets. With this 360 degree label space utilization your product gets noticed on the shelf from every angle. Sleeves can be employed for products ranging from water to liquor, ready to drink beverages, energy drinks, yogurt, personal care, household products, pharmaceuticals, food packaging, brewery items and many more.

For that trade show or special occasion we supply customized shrink sleeves for water, miniature champagne and wine bottles in small volumes. Even banded special offers and give away product sleeve bands are available. Don't have an automatic sleeving line? Fear not, these can be applied with a steamer or heat gun based on the product being sleeved and are available from our machinery division.

• High Shrink PETG
• Heat Shrink PVC
• Holographic Heat Shrink PVC

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Label Enhancment Options

Special Shape Die Cut

Matte Varnish

UV Varnish


Hot Foil – Gold /Silver / Red /
Green / Blue

Cold Foil – Gold / Silver

Peel Edge


Peel Strip (for Tamper Bands)

Variable Data

Thermochromic inks